Projection Mapping Guide

Certain Things you Should Know About Projection Mapping and Motion Graphics


Projection mapping and motion graphics is currently one of the most entertaining and artistic way to engross your peers or onlookers. That is why projection mapping and motion graphics is being used in almost any events all over the world. Some of the best examples on where projection mapping and motion graphics are mostly used are in weddings, where they can project motion graphic content on a specific surface related in the wedding like for example a wedding cake or a wedding arch. Another amazing sample of projection mapping and motion graphics is that it is also mostly used in entertainment venues as well, such as casinos and restaurants. And finally, probably the best example as to why projection mapping and motion graphics is highly important is that it can be used in gaming conventions and even theater as well, which can magnificently improve the event in a huge proportion.


To easily understand how projection mapping and motion graphics work is that project mapping is a term used of which it is mostly signifies the projection of a visual motion graphic to a mapped surface or object, while on the other hand motion graphics is basically the term used to describe graphical images will be set in motion. To know more about motion graphics, is that it is basically making use of static or stagnant images and turn them into simple animations. It is not really making animated effects because the images are still static themselves, but the only factor is that they would add movement in the images and not the character or object by itself. For example, the opening scene of every movie where words and names of the production cast are placed in, they are made moving in motion, click here to know more!


To further understand what projection mapping is, is that projection mapping is simply much more different than how basic projection works, since basic projection would only work in plain surface, while projection mapping is capable on properly working in any form or shape the surface may be. It is even possible for it to work in three dimensional objects as well, and as a matter of fact it is literally popular in this day and age because of that fact.


This is mostly made possible due to the advance and unique projection device as well as the software that can map out the display surfaces properly. If you want to learn more about project mapping and motion graphics, you can visit